Thesis Writing

A thesis is an academic paper that focuses on a particular research topic that enables students to get their academic degree in a university or college. In order to achieve this, you have to submit a complete written thesis paper. At we provide students with thesis writing papers and the basics that are needed to be included in the paper.

Sections to be included in your thesis paper

For a successful thesis paper, the following writing structure is followed

  • Introduction

This section comprises of the background of the research, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, the objectives of the study, the significance of the study, the research questions, the study limitations and delimitations, the research hypotheses and the general outline of the study.

  • Review of related literature section

This section comprises of past information that has been discussed and published relating to the area of research. It also helps to determine the research gap of the study.

  • Research methodology section

This section comprises of the methodology that was employed in the study. It comprises of the research design, the sampling procedures, the procedures for data collection and analysis.

  • Discussions section

This section focuses on findings of the study based on the data collected

  • Summary, conclusion and recommendation section

This is the last section of the thesis paper. It presents a summary of the study findings, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further research.

Formatting rules used by our Professional writers

At this stage, writers strictly follow the formatting instruction give by the client, but if the student did not provide the formatting criteria to be used then the following standard formatting rules will be applied:


  1. Times new roman font
  2. 12pts size for both title, subtitles and paragraphs
  3. Double line spacing through out the paper
  4. Page numbering throughout the paper and
  5. Captioning of figures and tables included in the paper thesis writing service will provide you with a quality and original paper through our professional thesis paper writers. You can be assured of scoring high marks by using our thesis writing service.

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