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We are grateful for your wise choice to join us at londontermpapers.com  as your preferred academic service provider. Our company is regulated by a series of terms and conditions which are the applicable to all those using the services provided by our website. Our engagement with our clients begins once a client places an order to be completed with our expert writers. It is prudent that prior to placing your order, you should spend a few minutes to read and understand the terms and conditions guiding our operations and terms of service here at londontermpapers.com. placing an order with us, then you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Use and misuse of products

The academic wrings and others writings services produced by our writers for our clients constitute the products that our online writing company deals in. All the assignments, essays, course works, proposals, dissertation and any other writing and consultation services provided by Londontermpapers.com writers are meant to be used as reference points and act as guidelines to the client.  Clients thus using the works submitted by our  clients as their own would be contravening the copyrights law. Such contraventions of terms may constitute a copyright’s crime and may attract criminal penalties. In addition, clients are not authorized from reproducing the copies of works completed by our writers at Londontermpapers.com with the intention of distributing or commercializing the same.

It is expected that whatever work is submitted to the clients should be for the client’s own personal consumption . such unauthorized use of our products would be unlawful and a legal redress may be sought against such use.

Further, clients should take note that londontermpapers.com  only guarantees quality work as regards with the academic standards and our company’s standards which emphasizes on quality for all types of work. Londontermpapers.com  shall, however, not be responsible for the client’s performance, or academic outcome should the client submit our essays to their academic institutions.  The professional  writing services and professional consultations from our experts should however enable you gain the confidence and ideas on how to complete your own essay of whatever complexity, with greater ease.

Payment Criteria

Placing an order with londontermpapers.com  is completed once the clients has complied with our payment policy which requires a client to first pay the money according to the specifications for his or her order as would be clearly indicated in our website’s price calculator system. For security purposes of our clients and the company, only certain accredited, more secure payment systems indicated on our website shall be accepted. Clients should not disclose personal identification numbers and only necessary information used to process payments should be provided and this will be used as per our privacy policy statement in our privacy page. All processing of payments at londontermpapers.com  are closely guarded and performed by government approved  agencies so as to avoid fraudulent cases.  Clients are cautioned to exercise great caution and avoid presenting to our site stolen cards since such cased shall be forwarded to law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

Client’s role

To enable us produce high quality work that meets your expectations, it is essential that clients seeking our academic services provide adequate information that would be useful in completing the assignment as it is required. In line with this, the following should be provided:

Precise instructions

For writers at londontermpapers.com  to be able to deliver services that will impress you, as a client, it is expected that you provide all the instructions you deem necessary in the completion of your assignment, and that you would want to be adhered to . The instructions provided should be precise and confirmed  to avoid any hiccups.  Clients who d not confirm their instructions three hours after placing their orders may bring about delays to their own papers.

Research sources

Our writers at londontermpapers.com  would use any useful reference material  such as journals and electronic books, that are suitable for the completion of your order. In the event that the clients need only specific sources to be used, then the same should be specified, and attached alongside the order instructions. The client therefore has the authority to suggest sources that he needs used in his assignment, and in such cases where the client only needs his sources to be, then the attachments should be done immediately since delay in such attachments will result in the delay of submission of the client’s order.

Our guarantee

Your order request is an indication that you are in agreement with our terms and conditions  and therefore it is our obligation to ensure that we deliver to quality services. Once you place an order with us, you can expect the following:

Proper format and citation or referencing style including Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago among others

High quality work

Free revision if requested within 14 days after assignment submission

Privacy , which are explained in details in the privacy section and non-distribution of your completed work

Prompt response to your queries from our 24/7 customer care desk.

Refund Guarantee

Where the customer is not satisfied with what our writers at londontermpapers.com  has delivered, either in terms of quality or other reasons specified in our website, such a dissatisfied client is liable for a refund based upon the evaluation and verdict of our quality assurance team. For example, in cases where the client cancels the paper before it is submitted, them 100% refund may apply within five working days.  Some circumstance may only warrant a certain percentage of refund as per quality assurance’s evaluation of the circumstances.

Londontermpapers.com has a supportive round the clock support team that will be glad to take any of your queries.




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